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Chibi Photography is the web home of photographer Doug Pearson. Find out more About Chibi Photography. The pictures featured on this web site represent uncontracted images that are available for use as stock photography or available as fine art prints for personal enjoyment. Prints can be ordered through my galleries at Smug Mug, Red Bubble or Wallhogs and may also be available in a variety of specialized photo gifts from my Smug Mug store. If you see a picture you want on this site that is not currently in any of these stores, see the contact page.

Personal use:

To order your own copy of a photo or to get these photos on a gift item, follow this link to visit pix.chibiphotography.com.

When you find an image that you like, click on the 'Buy' button near the photo and then pick the size and type of image you want to buy on the shopping cart page.

If you want a print on a medium that is not listed, let us know and we will try to get it for you.

Commercial uses:

We will be glad to sell you prints and license your use of any of our images for commerical purposes. Examples could include:
  • Advertisements
  • Theatrical, Film or Television
  • Books & Magazines
  • Educational & Public Service
If you want to use these photos in a Commercial application, see the contact page.

Examples of the various photo gifts available include, T-shirts, sweatshirts, postcards, puzzles, coffee mugs and even ceramic tiles. Pictures are also available on special printed surfaces including canvas and hardboard and metalic prints are available as well.

In partnership with Wall Hogs, selected pictures are available is sizes up to 84 inches wide/tall depending on the picture. These can be full frame pictures or cut-outs and are suitable for placing directly on most painted walls. If you have a specific pricture you want wall sized, please see the contact page with your request.

Big prints gallery by Wall Hogs

picture of wall sized images

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